No one is you, and that is your greatest power.


Personal style is not a shirt. It is not a blazer or a dress. It is not an inventory of items we collect over the years and compile into some semblance of an outfit day-to-day.


Personal style is self-expression. Personal style is a thoughtfully curated snapshot of what makes you uniquely “you.” It is a constant, evolving opportunity to reveal the multitude of complex and beautiful attributes which make you tick.


Every day is a blank canvas: My mission is to help you discover your own, personal palette.


Whether your desire is to reimagine and refine your current wardrobe or if you need a partner to identify, create and cultivate your unique style, I can help. I am passionate about discovering and celebrating your personal style identity.


Bespoke styling services are available in addition to the packages outlined here: Contact me to design an experience uniquely tailored to you.


Let’s get dressed…